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About FunkyFobz

FunkyFobz Fob Watches the company was started by Laura, an experienced A and E nurse and midwife, to give nurses in particular more choice when buying a fob watch. Laura noticed that existing fob watches were often quite dull and boring, and NHS nurses and other healthcare professionals were crying out for more style to express themselves on their uniforms. Also the benefits of a fob watch over a standard wrist watch were not well known at the time. A wrist watch poses a greater infection control risk because bacteria can more easily infect the area and it is harder to clean.

FunkyFobz wants nurses to be proud of their fob watch, and to look great when wearing it on their uniform. But it is also very important that the watch is functional so FunkyFobz offers customers the largest choice so they can find and buy the perfect fob watch. All Funkyfobz watches have a separate second hand.

What you need to know about FunkyFobz

FunkyFobz has a huge selection of nurse fob watches so you can really express yourself on your uniform.

For infection control FunkyFobz offers a wide choice of silicone based fob watches that are especially easy to clean because the watch dial separates from its casing. These are water resistant and highly recommended by the NHS as part of the Clean Below the Wrist campaign.

FunkyFobz also offers a wide choice of branded fob watches. Well known popular and high quality watches from famous names like Lorus, Seiko, Keith Kimberlin and Philip Mercier.

FunkyFobz is a great place to buy nurse gifts. Because we have such a wide choice of nurse watches you can be sure of finding the perfect fob watch for someone special so they really know you care. On top of this why not have their name or a special message engraved on the pin to make the ultimate nurse gift.